Hot & Cold hydraulic (Coil curing) Press

Application : ”HYJACK” hot & cold hydraulic (Coil curing) Press is used for hot pressing & stator coils & bars of bigger...
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Dish End Forming Press Of 1000 Ton Cap

Application : Used for making 3D plate bending for making Dish forming. FEATURES: Rigid frame under Full load Large daylight Heavy Duty Construction.

H Frame/Work Shop Type Press : HWP Series

Application : Used for straightening, bending, forming, punching, assembling, dismantling. FEATURES: Heavy duty construction Moveable work table Large daylight Hydraulic return concept. Rigid...
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Closed Frame Press : HCF Series

Application : Used for Blanking, Compacting, Moulding , Embossing, Punching, Deep Drawing, Coining and other general applications. FEATURES: Rigid frame under full load....
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Hydraulic Four Pillar Type Press

Application : Used for Blanking, embossing, moulding, punching, deep drawing, forming and other applications. FEATURES: Large Daylight Heavy Duty Construction Rigid Frame under...
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Hydraulic C-Type Press

Application : Used for press fitting, forming, assembling, dismantling of bushes and bearings in automotive assembly line. FEATURES: Heavy duty Construction. Rigid Frame...
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Hydraulic Forming Press of 600T Capacity

Application: Closed frame press generally used to forming, bending, straightening of heavy plates & for manufacturing tufler. FEATURES: Rigid frame under full...
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