Hot & Cold hydraulic (Coil curing) Press

Product Description

Application :

”HYJACK” hot & cold hydraulic (Coil curing) Press is used for hot pressing & stator coils & bars of bigger electric motor & other large electrical machines for consolidation of insulation.

  • The machine is provided with sliding doors with perforated sheet, so that trespassing of un-authorized persons can be ensured.
  • This press consists of Vertical pressing of 20 Tons, consisting of 6 hydraulic double acting cylinders connected to common moving frame.
  • There are 6 no of horizontal cylinders which are not connected with common member but are individual the same are provided with isolating ball valves, for individual operation
  • Sheltherm sheet pad is provided in between ram and heater platen so that the heat is transferred to the horizontal rams
  • The heater platens are provided with heavy duty plate type heaters of 220 v AC supply, thermocouples are provided at three places at various locations to ensure there is uniform distribution of heat throughout the platen.
  • User friendly.
  • Vertical Cylinder : 20 Tones
  • Horizontal Cylinder : 13.5 Tones
  • Vertical Cylinder Stroke : 250mm
  • Horizontal Cylinder Stroke : 100mm
  • Approximate Overall Dimensions
  • Height : 3000mm
  • Width : 2200mm
  • Depth : 1800mm
  • Oil Tank Capacity : 150Ltrs
  • Motor Cap. : 7.5 HP