Synchronized Jack of 5T Capacity Each

Product Description


Used for lifting of Diesel / Electric Loco for inspection routine maintenance & repair.

  • Load Capacity of each Jack : 5 Tons
  • Total Lift of Claw : 600mm (±10)
  • Max. Claw height from ground level : 2510 mm (±10)
  • Min. Claw height from ground level : 1910 mm (±10)
  • Dimension of Lifting Head : 240 x 60X 40mm (±10)
  • Hoisting Speed : 500 mm./min (±50)
  • Motor Power : 2HP Brake Motor

“Hydropack Make” ‘Hyjack’ Electrically operated Synchronous jacks (Whiting Jack) of each 5T capacity 5T cap of each jack & one set consists of four no. of Jacks

  1. Jacks are suitably designed to meet heavy duty demands in various operations.
  2. The jacks are provided with three retractable wheels of adequate strength & mounted in such a manner that when the claw carriage is moved upwards under load, the wheels will be automatically raised & the base of the jack sits firmly on the floor. Similarly when the claw carriage id be lowered & the jack is released the wheels will automatically be lowered to rest on floor so that the base is raised to provide the specified ground clearance.
  3. Common control panel to suit working of four jacks.
  4. To prevent over-running of lifting carriage in either direction upper and lower limit switches have been provided.
  5. User friendly
  6. Each Jack has LVDT for measuring lift of claw and Load cell for measuring the weight.
  7. Lubrication Hand Pump is provided for storage of grease.