Hydraulic Aligners

Hydraulic Aligners

Product Description

Hydraulic “ALIGNERS” Adevice, which is a backbone of the Ship Building industry, has been designed, developed & successfully manufactured first time in India by Hydropack (India) Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum. It has been proven for its performance and efficiency in most of the  advanced Shipyards of our country.

Application : Used for lifting & leveling complete flyover segments for exact positioning.

  • It eliminates the combine use of traction Engines, Rollers, Jacks, Winches etc, that are used in moving / aligning heavy structures like HULL BLOCKS.
  • The equipment may be used for Heavy- duty construction handling, complicated work of bulk structure alignment. Bridge & building construction as effectively as in shipbuilding construction as effectively as in shipbuilding.
  • Its user-friendly controls result in labor saving with increased efficiency & improved production capability with high  level of precision accuracies.
  • The ALIGNERS structure is mounted on wheels and comes with hydraulic power drive for easy mobility.
  • It has world class and high quality components for long life and better accuracies so as to prolong maintenance.
  • The positioning of hull block by ALIGNERS results in improved accuracy of Hull alignment within not time.
  • Large size unit block such as bottom shell, side shell, bulkhead, stern frame can be moved easily to the desired position.
  • Capacity 25T – 300T cap
  • Stroke 250mm -300 mm

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