Bolt / Stud Tensioner : HBT Series

Bolt / Stud Tensioner : HBT Series

Product Description

Hydropack India offers HBT series of Hydraulic Bolt (Stud) Tensioners specially designed and custom built most widely used, as they are compact & economical.

To clamp together the components of a bolted joint the bolt or stud must be stretched or loaded like a powerful spring to get the necessary forces on the components. The correct load or controlled stretch is critical as incorrect loading can cause bolt fracture and joint failure. TORQUE is the traditional method of providing stretch with the spanner using the thread to stretch the bolt maximum the torquing effort is wasted in overcoming friction. To avoid all these problems Hydropack’s HBT series are the most suitable equipment. They are detachable and easy to handle too.

Used for Turbines, Boilers, Bowl Mills, Construction Sites, Ship Yards, etc. Simultaneous Multiple Tensioning Equipment for Steam Generators, Boiler Flange.

Application : Used for Turbines, Boilers, Bowl Mills, Construction sites, ship yards, etc     simultaneous multiple tensioning equipment for stream generators, boiler flange.

  • SINGLE acting operation
  • Compact & easily detachable
  • Quick change couplings provided
  • Rated to full capacity
  • Can be used with any of the HP series of hand pump.
  • Size M16-M150
  • Stroke 5 to 25 mm
  • Max. Operating Pressure 1250 kg/cm2

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