Hollow Plunger Center Hole Jacks: HRC/ HDC Series

Center Hole Jacks: HRC/ HDC Series

Product Description

HRC & HDC series of hollow plunger jacks are versatile for use in tooling maintenance & tensioning applications. The HRC & HDC series design allows jacking screw, puller screw, cables, etc to be extended through the ram. They can be used with a hydraulic puller set as well as a standard hydraulic jack. The HRC & HDC series have features being provided for easy mounting/Installation. Like the hollow cylinder bodies are threaded or welded together for easy & quick interchangeable head inserts and tapped holes at the base for easy installation. The floating tubes are hard chrome plated which resist wear & increase the product life. HRC jacks are also available in a low profile, spring return ram type construction. The stroke are available as per individual requirements with large center holes for greater flexibility. The jacks are provided with quick change couplers.
These jacks serve dual-purpose both for push & pull applications.

Application : Design allows jacking screw, puller screw, cable etc to be extended through the ram.

  • Single acting/ double acting jacks.
  • Hollow plunger.
  • Rated to full capacity.
  • Hollow plunger design is ideal for pull and push application.
  • Capacity 10 to 200 Ton
  • Stroke 75 mm -100 mm
  • Working Pressure 700 kg/cm2

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