Hydraulic Threaded Ram Jack : HLT Series

Hydraulic Threaded Ram Jack : HLT Series

Product Description

Hydropack India offer this HLT series jacks designed for power and portability. These jacks are made of special light weight material having more strength to get better ratio compared to the other jacks. The added light weight feature of the jack helps for easy positioning due to its less self weight which is an added advantage for jacking applications in the area’s of maintenance, constructions sites, shipyards, steel plants, refineries and power plants, Railways etc.

These jacks are single acting spring return in construction. These are designed for working pressure upto 700 kg/cm2, Quick-change couplers provided. Usually these jacks are operated with a separate hand pump & high-pressure flexible hosepipe either NPT or BSP end fittings. Pressure gauges are optional. However these jacks can also be operated with Power packs.

Application : Used in maintenance, Construction Sites, Shipyards, Steel Plants, Refineries & power plant, Railways etc.

  • Single acting operation.
  • Rated to full capacity
  • Quick change couplings provided
  • Pass through static and dynamic tests
  • Threaded ram with safety locknut.
  • Capacity 10 to 1500 Ton
  • Stroke 150 mm
  • Working pressure 700 kg/cm2

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