Hydraulic Double Acting Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder

Product Description

Hydropack India manufactures the wide range of hydraulic cylinders from 40 mm bore to 800 mm. The standard hydraulic cylinder are rated at 140 bar to the higher pressure of 700 bar can be manufactured as per ISO metric standards ISO 6020/2, ISO 6022, IS 10143. Since these standards are well accepted almost world wide as it comprises the national standards of 90 countries hence it is likely to be acclaimed as international standards. The cylinders manufactured from-

  • Barrel – Made from cold drawn seamless steel tubes honed 0.4 microns finish.
  • Piston rods – High yield strength induction hardened ground hard chrome plated for maximum protection against wear.
  • End Plates – Made from graded steel precision machine for true alignment.
  • Tie bars – High tensile steel tie rods with hex nuts.
  • Glands – Phosphor Bronze/Gun Metal bush.
  • Seals – Self energizing seals for the piston and piston rod
  • Tie Rod construction / Welded Construction
  • Both end clevis.
  • Front Flange Mounting.
  • Rear Flange Mounting.
  • Foot Mounting.
  • Trunion Mounting / Front, Rear Adjustable.
  • Side lug Mounting / Rear Pivot